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The official language of Egypt

You may be surprised when you know that the Egyptians do not only speak the Arabic language, which is represented by the Egyptian dialect, but rather they speak other languages, and it is distinguished by a significant number of the population who can communicate with it only among themselves, while Arabic dominated and became widespread and these languages were wronged . There are a number of languages spoken in Egypt, although Egyptian Arabic is the most spoken, so the Coptic Orthodox Church uses the Coptic language, which is the last stage of the original Egyptian language . The official language in Egypt is Arabic, and it is also the most widely used in most written media. Egyptian Arabic is the national and spoken language, as well as written from time to time . English and French are also popular languages used in business and education circles . The languages spoken by the Egyptians are as follows :


The Arabic language entered Egypt in the seventh century AD, and Egyptian Arabic became the modern spoken language of the Egyptians, amid the many Arabic variations, and Egyptian Arabic remains the most understood dialect in the Middle East and North Africa, perhaps due to the influence of Egyptian cinema throughout the Arab world . There is a Bedouin minority who speak Bedouin Arabic, most of whom live in the Sinai Peninsula . Sudanese Arabic is also spoken by a number of Sudanese refugees in Egypt .

Amazigh languages

The Amazigh or Berber languages are represented by the ” Siwi ” ( ie the language Siwiya ) , that He speaks By about 5,000 citizens in Siwa Oasis . Nubian languages The Nubians speak Egyptian Arabic in addition to the Nubian language. The Nubian language is written in ancient Coptic letters or in Greek letters. The most famous manuscripts in the Nubian language are the manuscripts of St. Mina. The Nubian language is also spread in northern Sudan in the areas on the border with Egypt . The Nubian language was used as a secret code in communications between the leaders during the October War . The Nubian language is spread in the Nile Valley in Upper Egypt, around Kom Ombo and Aswan, and there are about 300,000 speakers of the Nubian languages in Egypt .